2013 SNAP conference recap

Ohhhmygosh you guys! Today is the first day I woke up feeling refreshed after attending the 2013 SNAP creative blog conference. Yes, it was a week ago. Seriously, that is how little sleep I got. LOL Oh-so-worth it, though? Absolutely!
2013 SNAP conference recap

There are a handful of awesome what-to-know-for and what-to-wear-to your first blog conference posts and this is not one of those posts. Although I will say that I packed exactly what I needed (clothes, toiletries + comfy shoes) and then brought our semi-handmade business cards, a cute notepad/pen, portable phone charger and iPhone. Yep, I left the bulky DSLR at home; pics aren’t as clear but I promise, a good camera phone is all you’ll use anyway (; Oh, I did take an awesome Jessica Sprague photoshop class and was glad I lugged my laptop across the state lines just for that one class.

To us, the key to enjoying a blog conference is to surround yourself with other bloggers you like, you enjoy and most importantly, you are 100% comfortable in front of and not intimidated by numbers-wise. The latter is just asking for drama, trust us!

LollyJane SNAP roomies

We were lucky enough to room with one of our childhood besties, Katie from Sweet Rose Studio, a fellow AZ blogger Lindsey of Better After (she was one of the first blogs we read, especially since we’re a sucker for “after” projects) and one of our dearest friends that we can text and bounce design + DIY ideas off of, Kristen from Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke Photography, (who Kelli met at SNAP 2012 but instantly clicked with and since meeting her, so have I.) We had a blast with our roomies and just love them!


Lolly Jane SNAP roomates

Note: all of the clear, pretty pics are courtesy of the talented Kristen

We also formed some new friendships and strengthened some older ones… late  night ice cream runs will do that (; Thanks for starting the tradition, Jen, Jamie & Jodie… we missed you, Jodie!


Okay there are 2374 bloggers in this pic but let’s break it down! Andrea, Taryn, Mandilicious, Katie, Brooke, Court & Shauna, Jen & Jamie, Landee & Shellie, Becca, Sunny and Jaime. Phew! I think that’s all!

LollyJane.com SNAP conference friends

Katie, Allison & Kelli, me and Crystal, me and Becca

SNAP not only provided some yummy dinners but it provided us with time to chat distraction-free with new friends and this particular dinner was hilarious!

SNAP dinner

Pictured: EmilyStephanie, me, Becca, Kelli, SunnyLindsey and Katie

SNAP had some amazing sponsors this year, Ryobi being one of them. Kelli took Ana White’s class on learning to use power tools, where they gave away a brand new miter saw as the grand prize. To say Kelli was excited when she heard her name called as the winner is an understatement! LOL

Thank you RYOBI! Love, Lolly Jane

Of course for us it was just as exciting to meet Ana herself, (hello there Ryobi rep! Kelli says sorry for mauling you. Haha!)

LollyJane.com meets Ana White

We also snagged some awesome swag! Kristen, Kelli and I popped in the fun sponsor suite to chat it up with some of our fav’s and World Market IG’d us! As if winning a $20 gift card wasn’t sweet enough! (:


Kelli and I competed against eachother in the LOWES challenge to build something from provided tools. It was a madhouse and so fun! We really appreciate Tauni (SNAP founder) creating elements of this conference like this that appeal to the DIY blogger in us. We truly enjoyed ourselves!

Lolly Jane + LOWES

The closing night was a blast- dance party! I thought it would be weird at first to dance with a bunch of mom’s and fellow bloggers but it was fun to let loose and just enjoy my youth! Sometimes I forget I am still Kristi, a fun 31-year old, ya know? (;

dance-party SNAP

Picture by Kristen and hey there, Whit!

Kelli and I had a photo sesh together then snagged our roomies (and honorary roomie Bec) and am so glad we waited in that long ‘ol line for it. It was the perfect ending to a fun conference!


Lolly Jane meets photo booth at SNAP conference 2013

As fun as SNAP was, I admit that I missed my littles like CRAZY. Like, homesick for them before I even got off the plane homesick. We enjoy blogging but rarely travel and are away from our kids. I had a hard time fully enjoying the experience but am glad I went and even more to be home.  Check out more SNAP recaps from fellow attendees!

Blogging is fun but there really is no place like home (:

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  • Katie {Sweet Rose Studio} - Love this and love you girls! Thanks so much for being my roomie and sharing this awesome experience with me!ReplyCancel

    • lollyjane - Best roomie ever!! Love you, Katie girl!! You’re the BEST!!ReplyCancel

  • Melissa - So fun! I miss all of it & everyone already. Sad I didn’t get a pic with you guys, NeXT time for sure.ReplyCancel

    • lollyjane - Bummer, Melissa!! You’re so fun, glad to know you!!ReplyCancel

  • Michele @ The Scrap Shoppe - I’m so glad I got to meet you this year, Kristi!! You two are a ball of fun. ;) Looks like you had a blast!!ReplyCancel

    • lollyjane - We’re both happy to know you, Michele! Our long time email buddy (;ReplyCancel

  • jamie@eighteen25 - You girls are just too much fun. So glad i got to FINALLY meet the other half of LollyJane.ReplyCancel

    • lollyjane - The better half, right?? (; And I’m happy to know you since you weren’t at EVO. The stars better align where all 3 eighteen girls and both LJ girls are together next year!!ReplyCancel

  • rebecca lopez - Love it. I want to be an official roomy next year, just sayin! ;D lol. I seriously enjoyed every minute of this trip with you girls. You definitely made it even better than I could have expected, I always have the best time with you guys.ReplyCancel

    • lollyjane - So fun hanging out with you, Becs!! You’re seriously one of the coolest chicks we know!! Love your face!!!ReplyCancel

  • Vivienne @ The V Spot - What? No pix of the mask….?ReplyCancel

    • lollyjane - Ah hahaha!!!! That made us LAUGH out loud, literally!! You know you miss it!!ReplyCancel

  • Amy - So fun and I’m with ya on the recoop of the weekend. It was so nice to meet you guys and wish I could have spend more time with you adorable ladies! Next year?ReplyCancel

    • lollyjane - We thought you were the 6th CHICK, Amy (; Yes, more downtime next year fow shizzle!!ReplyCancel

  • jen@eighteen25 - the lolly jane girls… how we love ya!!
    so glad i know now why kelli attacked the ryobi guy… i thought he was some soap opera celebrity i had never heard of. haha.
    you girls are awesome… miss ya already!ReplyCancel

    • lollyjane - Bwah haha!! YOU’d have freaked out too, right Jen?? (;

      Seriously….we need a roadie to Vegas to see you three! Missed Jodie, I’m sure she was dying back home missing out. That’s how Kris felt last year, wah wahhhh…

      JCW’s makes for the best convo. Can’t wait to do it again next year!! And we’ll have to up our nightly scaring costumes too…ReplyCancel

  • Amber Price - Hey you two! I wish I could have gotten to know you better at SNAP. I really like your fun and positive and happy way of life. (I’m the girl with the business card holders btw.) Happy to get to know you better in the facebook world now (Creative Bloggers.)ReplyCancel

    • lollyjane - Yah! Your biz card holders rocked!! Fun chattin with you next to the dino (; Thanks again for your awesome holder!!ReplyCancel

    • Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke - I didn’t get a biz card holder, I don’t remember chatting with you, Amber, though I know we’ve chatted via email! (Please forgive me if I forgot, my brain is mush these days–but i’m pretty sure we didn’t chat).ReplyCancel

  • McKenzie @ Girl Loves Glam - You two are the CUTEST! It was fun to hang out with you ladies and dance it up!ReplyCancel

    • lollyjane - Awwww heeeeeeey Kenz!! Loved meeting you, wish we had more one on one time!! You’re our fav!!

  • Lindsey@betterafter - My highlights of Snap were definitely my roomies and seeing Kelli win her saw! Can’t wait to hang out again, hopefully sooner than later!ReplyCancel

    • lollyjane - You witnessed Kelli’s biggest moment, lol!! So fun rooming with you, Linds!! So glad to be friends. Best roomies EVER!

  • Whitney Ulrich @ A mommy's life with a touch of yellow - oh my gosh so glad i met you cute girls! Thanks for letting me join in your little dance circle (devil eyes and all) :)ReplyCancel

    • lollyjane - Ah haha! Night picture taking is the worst. Looooooooved meeting you, Whit! You’re the cutest!! Here’s to a new friendship! XOReplyCancel

  • Anja - Sounds like you had a blast! And winning the saw must have been the highlight besides meeting all your friends =)ReplyCancel

    • lollyjane - You’ll have to come one year!! (:ReplyCancel

  • Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke - LOVE you girls!!! It was so fun to be roomies and play and talk and eat and play and talk and eat and play!

    I misssed that particularly hilarious dinner–must know why–text me!

    I didn’t realize you were so homesick, mine are older, so it’s easier to let go!

    That photo booth and dancing was so much fun–I love a good dance party!

    Umm, you forgot to mention the fabulous courier that painstakingly (jk) brought your laptop charger to you for that jessice sprague class! I should have gone to that instead of vendors.

    Miss you,my friends;)ReplyCancel

    • lollyjane - The dinner was making bizzare faces, IG’ing it and hashtagging #topthis The speaker was getting a little long for us :/ LOL!! Kristi was homesick, her littles are still little! I enjoyed mama time however (; LOVED ROOMING WITH YOU!! You’re the best, miss you like cray crazy, girl!! XOReplyCancel

  • Alli Miller @ Cupcake Diaries - So fun!! I loved being able to meet you two at SNAP! I just love your blog. And I wish my twin would blog with me!! :)ReplyCancel

    • lollyjane - Her loss, Alli! Twin blogging is the BEST!! You were so smart to carry the makeup bag for biz cards too! You’re a cutie!! XOReplyCancel

  • Tauni - Oh my gosh. So glad you girls had a good time! I have to admit, I love and hate all of these recaps. Love because I just feel happiness jumping off the page. Hate because I see all of the fun that I miss out on! LOL

    BTW, there may have been some mention of mauling from the Ryobi folks :)


    • lollyjane - No regrets! I may have mauled him BUT I was truly ecstatic as I’ll use the hell out of it….and he’ll never forget me, right?! Ah hahaha…okay maybe I should be slightly embarrassed!

      It’s never the same hosting versus enjoying BUT know that Y O U brought HUNDREDS of people happiness. So looking forward to 2014!!


  • Mique - Such fun pics. My favorites are Kelli mauling the Ryobi rep. Poor guy had no idea what was coming!
    I only wish I had more time to hang out with you two. :( Saying hi for two seconds doesn’t cut it. Hope we have a chance to get together sometime soon. xoReplyCancel

    • lollyjane - We need a CA/AZ meetup STAT, Miquephite! You are one busy lady, QBM!! Miss you!! XOReplyCancel

  • Sky - You two couldn’t be cuter! I got to briefly talk with you and you were so sweet and genuine- it was awesome to meet you! Love how you closed this- home is home is home :)ReplyCancel

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